What's About It?

...a father or not, you are welcome here!

Being a father is not easy. And being a wonderful one is a lot more challenging. You see, fatherhood is just one of my many roles in life. But this is the role that never goes away. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I will always be a father to my children.

I am not complaining, though. In fact, I am happy and proud that I am a father. I just thought that it is such a big role and we do not have formal schools to teach us how to become good fathers. On the other hand, this is the kind of life role which does not really require previous experiences. It happens naturally. If women have women’s instinct, surely we also have that special instinct for us to perform our fatherly duties.

I am very sure that no matter how hard I try with my best intentions and capabilities to be the best father to my children, there will always be a time that I will fail and will make many mistakes. I am also sure that as I raise my children, they will also teach me many things in life in a way that no one else could do like them.

Scandals of Fatherhood aims to share all the daily drama, comedy, horror, insights, adventures, and many other things from the perspective of a father. All items to be posted here are purely based on personal opinions. It is not a matter of right or wrong. Instead, it is a matter of DISCIPLESHIP through FATHERHOOD.

Let us celebrate our fatherhood!