Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What Fatherhood (and being a Househusband) Did To Me

For the past three months of being a househusband and an all-day visible father to my kids, I discovered many things about my transformation in such a short period of time.

1. Cleaning and keeping the house clean happens the whole day.

2. My kids do not want to take their bath, especially when they are watching TV or not watching TV at all. Funny thing is that after we are done with bathing time, they do not want to stop playing with the water.

3. During feeding time, I eat their leftovers. Even those they just ate and spat out of their mouth. I just can’t let the food go to waste.

4. When I tell them not to do something that could hurt them, they still do it.

5. I haven’t watched any news or any normal TV shows since day one of my new career with them. It’s either a Tinkerbell movie or the Home movie. They watch that the whole day.

Markus watching Home movie upstairs.

6. When I poop, I can now do it in less than five minutes!

7. When I take a bath, I can do it for like less than ten minutes. I just take another bath when Gracia is already home.

8. My multitasking skill has now leveled up. I can wash the feeding bottles (they have like almost thirty feeding bottles) while cooking a simple meal for us, which is happening at the same time as I watch them play. I can’t take my eyes off of them, worried of anything that could hurt them.

9. When they fight, say fighting for the same toy, I have to bribe one of them. Sometimes the problem is they both go for the bribe.

Dani trying to be a mother to Markus.

10. The only time I could take some rest is when they are sleeping.

11. I hate it when the neighbors are playing loud music or when they are just simply making noises right after I successfully make the kids sleep.

12. When someone calls me on my cell phone, they fight with me to grab the phone from my ears.

He seems to know a lot about our phones.

13. When it comes to them, I can create quick fun stories to make them behave. Sometimes I am thinking I sound too crazy with my stories for them.

14. Sometimes they can’t sleep unless I cradle them in my arms. Problem is they sometimes want me to do it to both of them at the same time. I am starting to imagine my old muscles coming back in my arms.

15. Spending time with them, I have become a very good voice actor.

16. When they ask questions, I sometimes go to the fairytale route to give them satisfying answers.

They're pretending they are reading.

17. Most of the time I am afraid that some of my friends would drop by and find me very stinky and dirty. Well, at least the kids are clean.

18. When they get hurt, it hurts me more.

19. But what a great joy it is when Dani and Markus come to me to tell me they love me. How sweet it is when Dani tells me this, “Papa kita (You’re my Papa.).”

My sweet Dani.

20. With these in mind, I wonder how God feels about my stubbornness sometimes, haha. I am happy that His love for me endures forever. And I am confident that He is a lot better of a father than me. That makes me so happy.