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Chapter Three: Unearthing

(The Dreamwalker’s) Soul Mate

Chapter Three

My eyes are close. My heart is beating calmly, but not in my chest. It is beating from afar. Everything feels so light. I feel so light. I feel floating like a balloon. I feel like I am part of air. I am air.

I can feel the wind dancing below the soles of my feet. It goes around, up to the top of my head, rowdily tousling my dark hair, and these all I feel for the first time. That is, as far as I know. I am excited to slowly peek through my eyelids, as if I am waking up for the first time. But for some unidentified reason, I can’t pick up even a bit of courage to do it. Something about the process of waking up scares me, something I can’t figure out yet.

The world is almost quiet. Upon thinking about the serenity of my surrounding, I start hearing faint noises around me but they all sound so distant. There must be birds chirping somewhere. I can imagine the big heads of trees waving, creating rustling music as their leaves clasp against each other. There are couple more other sounds I am hearing but it is too faint to capture its source.

“Grab the rope!”

Someone screams from afar. The aggressiveness of fear and of the will to fight is so thick in that voice. Who is it?

I still keep my eyes close. Suddenly I feel being lifted up. I am drifting higher and higher. I realize I feel so peaceful. Aside from weak curiosity itching in my head, I feel nothing else. And I want this. I could stay like this for the rest of time.

“Oh, good heavens, the snakes are crawling up! Quick, Psyche, grab the rope!”

Psyche? I know that name. Yes, I definitely know that name. My heart starts pounding bigger beats. It is growing bigger and bigger in my chest until it finally occupies my whole inside. It feels like it wants to get out through my throat. I sense fear in me growing as fast as tidal waves. I try to fight back, but it only adds up to my panic. It gulps out of my mouth. Then my eyes fly open in one quick snap.

I. Am. Floating.

I am up in the air. I can see the old wide roof of our house. I realize that there are weeds growing in some part of it. My curious gaze travels to the rose garden. Mama remains kneeling by the hole, talking to Psyche, while she pulls the rope up with Hannah Kharis. The rest of the rope is dropped inside the hole. Where is Psyche? And what are they doing?

“Psyche, grab the rope NOW!” Hannah Kharis orders, her voice sounds so strong.

Psyche is inside that hole!

Memories of the past hours come flooding into my head, giving me quick flashbacks, making me a bit dizzy.

“She keeps sliding off the rope! I will be back!” Mama stands up and runs into the house.

Hannah Kharis keeps instructing Psyche on what to do. I know she is as scared as me but her determination to get Psyche out of the hole is very impressive.

I try pushing myself to get near her but I won’t nudge. I am stuck in the air. I feel like a dog trying to do swimming slaps but remains in the same spot. If panic can really kill, I have been dead already. I feel so desperate to do something but can’t do anything at all. All I do is watch and hold all the screams inside my lungs. Is it still that witch-man freezing power?

Mama returns and throws in a pair of hand-shape potholder into the hole which I imagine Psyche catches with her two hands. How is Psyche?

“Psyche! I got you!”

Still floating in the air, I see Hannah Kharis and Mama pulling the rope from the mysterious hole in our garden. I can also see Psyche’s muddy head emerging slowly from the edge of the hole. I try to swim down into their sides but my body can’t go below the atmosphere line I am currently held up on with. It is like there is a looking glass in between us, separating my world from theirs. I know it is weird but when I look at my hands, my feet, and every part of my body my eyes can reach, I am like a human air. It is all too much for me to take all at once, and I can’t afford to dwell in its weirdness while Psyche is being saved.

I watch Mama dragging Psyche and even before she completely reaches the ground, Mama covers Psyche into her trembling arms. Hannah Kharis is standing right behind them. Mama keeps sobbing into Psyche’s head.

“I am okay, Mama.” Psyche says, trying to comfort Mama.

Hannah Kharis slowly steps by the edge of the hole. Then she falls backward from the opening of the hole.  A dreadful look registers on her face. What could have happened? She quickly steps back.

“Stand up and run! The snakes are crawling up!”

Mama carries Psyche up in her arms, as Hannah Kharis helps her up. But then, they fall altogether into the muddy and slimy ground near the hole. Fear registers on their faces as hundreds of red and black fifteen-feet long snakes finally crawl up out of the hole, creating a flood-like view. Their eyes are burning green. I have never seen snakes like these before. They look very hungry and fatal, willing to sink their claw-like teeth into anything on their way.

I shake my whole body harder trying to get through the invisible shield blocking me from helping them but it is no use. My frustration thickens as I fear what could have happened to them. But the snakes glide past by Mama and Psyche. Right there I remember the words of the mysterious black man: “She will be fine, don’t worry. Those snakes are the most vicious of their kind but so powerless to hurt your family. If only your sister wants, she can even command them to push her up out of the hole in one piece, safe and sound. Too bad that none of the living members of your family knows your secret history.”

Well, that doesn’t relax my mind from entertaining series of uncanny thoughts in my complaining head.

Hannah Kharis lifts up her feet then rolls backward until her feet hit the grassy ground. She quickly stands up and runs away from the snakes. The snakes are crawling so fast after her. She jumps up in the air, and then rolls twice, until she lands on the garden table. Wow, how did she do that?

But the snakes will not give up. They dance antagonistically in the grass following Hannah Kharis.
There are things I don’t understand right now. But one thing I am very sure of, and that is I have to do something. I can’t just watch the snakes aiming to have Hannah Kharis on their brunch menu.

I see Hannah Kharis now holding a long wooden pole which she is using to spear and hit each snake. She is moving too fast, so much faster than a normal girl. But there are so many snakes surrounding her and I don’t want to start imagining the possible ending of my tough friend.

The snakes prepare to attack. They move as if they are one entity, like an army of snakes and Hannah Kharis is their ultimate enemy. But none of the snakes strikes an attack yet. I am not sure if it is fear or something else that makes them all wait. The way they all move their cobra-like heads, a thought comes across my head, they are communicating telepathically. Definitely these are no ordinary snakes!

Hannah Kharis stands up straight on the garden table as she watches all the snakes rushing to her, leaving no open area for her to run or to jump to. Then she looks up in the sky as if whispering a prayer in her head. Then she blinks a couple of times until a ray of blue light brightly beams a smoky flash, like a flash from a huge camera. All the snakes that were hit by the blue flash suddenly banish from the ground.

Each snake turns into shiny little thing, like marble, except for one, that is the biggest one which I suspect the leader  of the group, groping Hannah Kharis’s right leg. But before it could sink its long teeth into her skin, the blue beam turns it into another marble.

A marble.  The black man was missing. Then Hannah Kharis picked up a shiny marble. Now this. Snakes all turned into marbles. What is Hannah Kharis? But before my thoughts go any further, Hannah Kharis falls onto the ground, looking dizzy as she holds her head with her two hands.

Mama runs to Hannah Kharis, Psyche is tagging along with her.

“Are you okay?” Mama asks, very worried of her.

“Are you a superhero?” Psyche asks, really serious.

Hannah Kharis can’t help but let a smile rip across her tired face.

“I am okay, Tita. Just a little dizzy and feeling weird. I’ll just check on Bun―gani, Isagani in the backyard.” Why won’t she quit calling me bunny?

“You okay, Psy?” Hannah Kharis asks Psyche who is sitting next to Mama, smiling.

“Yes, and thank you.”

Mama just nods and smiles at her, still hugging Psyche very tight. I even start to worry that Psyche might get suffocated if Mama will not stop that. Psyche pushes her two hands as she breaks from Mama’s tight squeeze.

“I can’t breathe, Mama!”

Mama laughs like crazy, post-fear and pure joy mixing in her voice.

“Did they bite you?” she asks Psyche as she starts inspecting every inch of Psyche’s head and body. She won’t stop even if Psyche is already shaking her head.

Hannah Kharis jogs back to the backyard. There she finds me―uh-uh, I am still there, totally passed out. And like a snap, I remember what had happened last night. My spirit seems to leave my physical body while it’s asleep or unconscious. I remember the first time it happened right after the vehicular accident when I was ten. But that time, I thought it was just a dream, or one time I even convinced myself that that was just normal to dying people. And if my memories are right, this is the third time it happened.

An ambulance pulls up in our front yard.
“Where is the boy who fell off from the rooftop?” The fat man whom I am guessing a nurse shouts out.

“Here! He is here.” Hannah Kharis yells, waving at them. Then the group of the medical team follows her lead. Mama and Psyche trail behind them.

Mama welcomes them and leads the people in light blue scrubs carrying a stretcher on which they put my sleeping body. Psyche keeps crying, thinking that I am dead already. Is it…am I dead?

“Mama, is Kuya dead? He can’t die, right?” Psyche cries as she watches them taking my body away into the ambulance.

“He will be alright.” Mama tells Psyche but the sound of her voice misses any hint of confidence in it.

“I just wish…when Kuya finally wakes up…that he will know all the answers to his questions,” Psyche whispers, her eyes illuminates in green.

The wind suddenly blows a little hard up here over the roof. The trees start dancing and shaking their wet branches. This reminds me of my flying, or floating. And just as the wind starts to puff like a gentle river, I become aware that the hold on me has been released.

But before I go further with my analysis, a sudden powerful force seems to hold around me, pulling me apart. It squeezes my invisible heart and then it pulls me so hard, so quick, to somewhere I am totally clueless about. In a snap, I find myself in a formless space where death and life seem to meet. If I am dying, this must be it. Then infinite blank follows by.

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