Saturday, December 19, 2015

When a Mug Retires

 Let Him use our ‘mugs’ as an  instrument to share His love which never  changes for each of us.
When I graduated from College, my best friend Jeff gave me a gift. In fact he gave everyone in our group (eightmiles) a gift. To the boys he gave mugs. To the girls he gave scented candles. I don’t know what really happened but the gift for me was accidentally switched with Hersan’s. I think it was the gift wrapper. He wrapped all our gifts in the same gift wrapper. He forgot which one was really for me.

Before the graduation, Jeff and I had a very serious misunderstanding. On the other hand, he was very faithful to our other friend Hersan. It was kind of complicated because I was the most competitive one in the group. And Hersan was my favorite to compete with, even if he did not compete with me or with anyone else at all.

So Jeff decided to give us ‘statement mug’. He was supposed to give Hersan the mug that said ‘You’re the best!’ and I supposed to get the one that said ‘I’m sorry’. And since we had a switch, I got the one that said ‘You’re the best!’ I took it a sign that it’s true, just for fun-sake.

Now I love that mug like I don’t use any other mugs every time I have a coffee or any hot drinks. Call me weird and selfish but I also wanted not to share that with anyone. That mug was very precious to me.

I brought that mug with me when I moved to my in-laws after the wedding. Since our part of the house was not yet turned into a separate house, we shared the same kitchen. That means I had to leave my mug along with the other mugs and glasses in their kitchen cabinet. This was okay with me but I felt being intruded every time I saw anyone from Gracia’s family using my mug. Somehow Gracia was able to explain this to her family but still, in some few occasions, somebody got to use my mug. I was that obsessed about that mug.

I was also worried about the mug getting broken by anyone. So every time we arrived from work, I secretly inspected that mug. Oh my, I am telling you that I am starting to feel awkward admitting this secret guilt of mine about that mug.

Many times I tried to buy a new mug and so to let that mug finally retire. Actually I saw a lot of beautiful mugs. One day when we finally have our own kitchen, I plan to have a special cabinet to keep different mugs representing each one of the people that Gracia and I both love. But I could not just let go of that mug. I tried but I felt bad and guilty of something I could not explain every time I tried buying a new mug. It was like I felt I was betraying to our friendship.

And then, two weeks ago I finally decided to end this silly misery of mine. I bought a new mug. It’s huge and orange. The first time I saw it I knew it was the one for me. When we arrived home, I felt nothing weird about keeping my statement mug away inside our cabinets. At least, it will be safe there.

Then a realization hit me. I always struggle to let go of the old things in my life. This somehow affects my way of taking in the new ones. Somehow it limits me to accept all the blessings I should receive. Also, this somehow creates a bad character in me like being selfish.  I should learn to accept more blessings in life and to share them with others. This does not mean that we have to throw away everything we first had and loved. It is just allowing a new space for something new for our growth in life and in the way we live.

It is also an act of worship by surrendering everything in your life to Him and let Him use our ‘mugs’ as an  instrument to share His love which never  changes for each of us.

Many times I still feel like a kid but I am deeply thankful that I have a great Parent who never gets tired teaching me how to live my life in accordance to His will.