Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Unexpected Blessing!

...Receiving something you don’t expect to receive is sweeter than any gifts you are wishing for.
Yesterday, Gracia and I did not expect to receive an early gift from our Ninang Vilma for our children. She sent us a heartwarming letter along with it. Below are my few thoughts about this inspiring act of kindness.

1. Cash is very much appreciated.

It is because it gives the receiver the freedom to buy the things which are necessary in accordance to their current needs.

If you choose to go with the traditional way, which is totally okay, imagine the amount of time and energy you are going to use to go to the mall and fight through the crowd of hundreds of other holiday consumers? Then the amount of work your brain cells have to go through in deciding what item to choose among a thousand of other options? And what if after all the effort you have done, the receiver of your gift does not completely appreciate the gift you have bought for them? I am not being negative on this but that is part of reality. And for a change, why don’t we give them the freedom to get the exact thing they truly need at the moment, right?

2. It came with a letter.

In our fast-pacing world today wherein you can send a greeting message via text message or e-mail, the old-school handwritten letter is so much better! It is more personalized and meaningful. The fact that the sender took time to sit down to put their thoughts down into a beautiful paper is beyond thoughtfulness.

3. Unexpected.

I thought that receiving something you don’t expect to receive is sweeter than any gifts you are wishing for. The excitement is swelling up and it feels so contagious! It is like you want to think of many things you could do to do the same to your other friends. That, what we believe, is one of the many big things the birth of Jesus Christ keeps teaching us with.

It is only eight days before Christmas! Now if you are still having a hard time in buying your gifts, you may want to see our guide list for Smart Christmas Gift-giving!

Merry Christmas!