Friday, December 11, 2015

Online Posts are Public Property

We are the government. Election is a national hiring process to appoint public officials to serve our needs.
For the past months, I have been hearing (and reading) a lot about online wars in relation to Philippine politics and the national election in 2016. I am amazed by how creative and genius Filipinos could get when it comes to pushing their personal beliefs. Filipinos by culture are very shy. But when you go online, you will find no hint of reservation in there.

To some point, it is very entertaining. You can find on facebook and twitter many intelligent arguments and artistic expressions of different opinions and support for each presidential candidate. I don’t know if that is a sad truth that our politics has become a showbiz extension. Or is it a good thing because it is showing how Filipinos today are very involved in the future of our nation?

As a father of two, the 2016 presidential election is very important to me. The next six years of our country will greatly contribute to the future of my kids.

Recently Gab Valenciano’s post on facebook created a long chain of arguments on social media. I really admire his honest view on Mr. Duterte. I am also a Christian and morality is also important to me. However, I believe that God can use anyone to lead our country for greater things. I also believe that God can turn evil to good just like what happened to the life of Joseph the Dreamer, and to Saul who became Paul and true follower of Jesus.

I think it is not really about your choice of candidate. Whoever wins next election, all Filipinos must be obliged to support our new president whether it is the one we have voted for or not. Besides we are the government. Election is a national hiring process to appoint public officials to serve our needs. And be vigilant in watching for the protection of our rights. Also, we should not forget that it will not be a sole responsibility of the next president to solve all our national issues. All of us are part of the solution.

On the other hand, I disagree when people started picking on Gab’s family history. I think that was a wrong one and very offensive. But I think that’s what you get when you share your opinions online. It becomes very public—a public property. It could be about a good thing but still people would react differently. Once you have thrown something online, you cannot choose to only receive good feedback. Sadly there are just those who are too aggressive that they tend to go overboard. It is like you can buy a house anywhere but you can never choose your neighbor.

Lastly, we cannot judge Filipino netizens based on their posts online and say that Filipinos are like this and like that. That is SO not true. It is not exclusive to Filipinos. Go and check posts from other countries, you will find many similarities. I think that is human nature, not exclusive culture.