Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lessening Your Frustrations

“I will wait until I am old enough to buy a real car. For now, let us enjoy the little ride we have.”
Life will always be challenging. Whoever you are, a father or not, life will always bring you into frustrating situations. It could be about getting a team project done at school and you feel like you are the only one who cares about it. Or a job you had applied for two weeks ago but until now you have not received any phone call from the employer. Or a promotion you have been waiting for in five years which you believe you truly deserve but until now no one has mentioned anything about it to you. Or a love you give freely to someone who does not know how to give it back to you. Or simply being at home.

Here are some of my thoughts on these things.

1. School Project

It could be true that you seem to be the only one who seems to care a lot about having your project done in time before the deadline. However, have you talked about it already in your team? If not, go ahead and talk about it with them. Perhaps they are thinking that you enjoy being 'so in it', if you know what I mean and they want to respect that. In any group activity, open communication is very important.

2. Job Application

If you feel that you did your best in your last job interview, let that go and relax. If they don't call you, don't think that you are not smart enough for them. Rather think this, they could be something so much better for you. I know this advice sounds like something you could hear everyday from a friend. But this is true. If you let your sadness from not being hired rule your day, it makes you ugly. I am serious. If you are depressed, your eyes get clouded and you don't see many other opportunities around you. And the weight of your depression pulls you down. And it shows on your face. Thus, make an effort to smile until it becomes real. I guarantee you that good things will come near you.

3. Job Promotion

If you feel you deserve a promotion, then keep up doing all the good works and do not think too much about your promotion. It is because the more you think about it and the longer you wait for it, it could affect your work performance. It is because you will be depressed and this will take away the joy you have in your work. When that happens, you will not realize that you are slowly performing below your quality standards. And who knows, you superior is in the process of assessing your work performance and if lately you are performing poorly, you might have lost the chance to that promotion. Therefore, just enjoy your time at work and that promotion will just come at the right time.

4. Love Problem

You love someone who does not love you back. That is a universal problem. I honestly don't know what to say about this one. I cannot tell you to stop loving the person you love. However, do not forget to love yourself as well. If you give all your love to someone and leave nothing to yourself, that is very dangerous. You also need to take care of yourself. And do other things. People change and so do emotions.

5. At Home (Jobless)

Being home is a good thing. You can steal some good sleep when the kids are sleeping. You can watch TV. You can do many other things you could not do at work.

For the past two months I have been staying at home. To be honest I have had some petty frustrations and I believe that is just normal. Also, these frustrations had taught me some lessons.

I learned that if we let our frustrations rule our day, we only deny ourselves of the opportunity to enjoy the many beautiful things in life now. We miss the joy of today.

I have read from somewhere that says something like this: No amount of guilt can solve the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future.

This is so true. Do not let our frustrations steal the opportunity to be happy today. Of course, we cannot lie to ourselves that we force to be smiling all day long when we are actually sad from the inside. However, we could try to do some things that will help us to be happy or at least a little appreciative to many things we have now.

Enjoy life in the now. Surprises are coming your way. Get ready.