Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Facebook-ing Again?

Facebook-ing again? Makes me wanna do this.
While checking updates on my cell phone about Typhoon Nona (Typhoon Melor), I got so pissed off by some news about a certain presidential candidate. Looking for someone to sympathize with me, I told my wife about it with all my heart.

Her reaction was simple nodding which did not even last for more than five seconds! I felt so challenged that I even dared to add about some issues related to that presidential candidate which remain unexplained.

Then without looking my way, she quietly replied that I don’t have a proof that the issue is true about that PC guy. I was like, “Alright.”

But I could not just let that go so I told her this, “But I have a very reliable source.”

“Which is..?” she asked.

Few seconds of awkwardness.

“Facebook.” I quickly said.