Friday, December 4, 2015

A Letter for a Soon-to-be Husband

For today, I would like to share the very inspiring letter of a loving father to his son who is getting married soon. I believe all of us (husbands-to-be and young dads) could pick a couple of lesson from this:

Dear son,  Funny how time flies, your mom and I still remember how we had to let go of your hands when you tried to learn your first step. And now we have to let you go again to take another big step in your life. As you prepare for this, please know that marriage is not about you being comfortable or being satisfied, it is about building life together with your wife be it better or worse. Looking back at what your mom and I had, I hope you'll find lesson in our mistakes and things to look up to with what we did right. Since there is no perfect marriage, I suggest you enjoy the progress, always looking to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today. The days can be bad, and times may be tough but marriage will always be good because God is the one who designed it. Our prayer is that may He always be glorified with the family you're trying to establish. Our sincere congratulations, son!  Love,Mom and Dad

Both the body of the letter and the picture here were used with permission from the owner.