Monday, November 23, 2015

My Own Piece of Heaven

I always thought that happiness is something that you can never touch. You can feel it, yes, but you can never have it within your hands. You can't smell it, kiss it, embrace it, and feel its warmth. They say that happiness is just a state of mind. I used to believe so, too.

Until that day came. 26th of October, 2010, at exactly 9:57 pm. I had never felt that elated before. It’s the kind of feeling that is never easy to describe. My own piece of heaven. My everything. My princess. The moment I set my eyes on her, I knew then, things would never be the same again. And that everything would soon fall into proper places. Why? Because an angel was being entrusted upon me. She is God’s greatest gift to me. To us.

I can't help but smile each time I would look at her. A smile that would nearly make me teary-eyed, the kind that makes you feel like your heart’s gonna explode any moment. I don’t know if anyone can ever relate with me, but one thing I am so sure of, I have never felt that happy before.

And there she is, my Happiness. I can kiss her. Touch her. Make her feel that she is being loved and protected. And that I will do anything in my power to always take care of her and to be always by her side no matter what happens.

My Happiness. My own piece of Heaven. Up to this moment, I still cant believe that I was given such rare opportunity to have her as my princess. To call her ‘my baby’. She is simply my everything. That’s why I personally believe that Happiness is just everywhere. As long as she is with me, I can never feel alone or unhappy. Just look at her. So beautiful, so amazing. And she came from me.. Maybe you can say, I am just one proud Mommy.

By Guest Writer aNANIEmous