Sunday, November 29, 2015

Creating New Dreams

I saw a man silently walking so small and almost insignificant by the yellow seashore. As he walked on, his head was down looking or perhaps counting all the ripples being created by his swimming feet. I wondered about his thoughts.

Did he find each ripple representing his impact to the world around him? Was he happy that as he dragged his soaked feet into the water, the ripples grew bigger and bigger?

I thought he smiled at that. It was as if he could hear a voice telling him a timely lesson in his life:

In life, if we do not do anything, we live as if we do not really exist. We are just like the air that unless it moves, people will not notice its presence. Therefore, go on and live your life as if you are Elvis. If you still have a dream to achieve, go and reach for it. If you find all your dreams all gone, go and create new ones. Just live and be inspired every day. Living your life is one way of thanksgiving.

Then right above him, I thought I saw thin and orange clouds sailing on in a wide smoky coil. But he missed it. What a shame. Too bad that he was so busy being sad that he kept his head down, missing what’s above him.

He walked on and on, trying to create new dreams.

Photos were taken by Leran in Maasin City of Southern, Leyte.