Sunday, January 20, 2013

Welcome, Graciella Dan!

I was trying to write since the October last year. However, there was no success with that. So much is going on in my life, in our lives now. A huge part of me is very happy. Also, there is a part of me which is still a huge dreamer. I don't know. I can't stop this part of myself ever. Long time ago, for a couple of times, I tried giving up my dreams. Still, I wake everyday hoping that they will come true.

Well, I am now a totally different person. Now that I am a father. Wow, I didn't know that this word father could mean so much to me now in a very special way.

Early last year, I asked God to give us twins. That was prior to Gracia's pregnancy. Then we found out that she was pregnant. But not for twins. Now that we are real parents, we thank God for He knows so much better than we do. One baby is expensive enough to afford another one! Laughs! The milk, the diapers, the distilled water, etc.

But all in all, I am deeply thankful for everything. My work is still an issue to me, at least. But I know I am never alone in my life. I know that everything is meant to be beautiful, happy, and perfect.

I thank You, Abba, for ever loving and patient to me. Love You, Dad.

Below are the pictures of the beautiful evidence of our new happiness.