Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not Seeing the Obvious

They tell the story of the Polish worker who walked out of the factory everyday with a wheelbarrow full of straw. Each time the guards thoroughly sifted the straw to find whatever he was hiding.
One day, one of his friends sidled up to him and asked confidently, “Just what are you stealing from that factory?”
“Wheelbarrows,” he replied.
—Bruno Hagspiel

The story above impressed me with a smile. I thought it was very smart. This I could relate to my current life as a Christian. For the past months, my work was taking over my life. I was no longer happy and I realized that I was complaining a lot. I felt there was a big deal of unfair treatment in our office. This also resulted to hating more people. And the thought of reporting to work was more than enough to ruin my day. It felt like I was dragging myself to work. I knew something was seriously wrong but I refused to get help. I stubbornly believed that I could do it on my own.

Until one day, Gracia and I were able to attend a Sunday service in a local Christian church. It had also opened a new door for me to join a new Victory Group (a discipleship group). It felt so home and I knew everything would be okay then. It might not be an instant change of things, but I knew I would be fine. Again, I was wrapped in a deep sense of God’s unlimited grace.

Just like the story above, I acted like the guards. I thought I was checking the right object. I thought I was doing my Christian role in the task that was entrusted to me. But I was all wrong. I missed the real thing. I didn’t realize that the enemy was stealing little by little from me.

The progress was like this. First, I valued my work too much that I let it become the center of my life. Just like the guard, he thought his job was just to inspect what’s in the straw. Second, I let my happiness be robbed by believing that my work was the source of my true joy. Then, without realizing it, pride was creeping in, trying to steal a permanent place in my heart. Sadly, this had made me see each day not as a blessing but a burden. And when pride finally bloomed, I refused any help. I didn't know that I was losing my wheelbarrows!

Good thing that my God is an amazingly loving and caring God. He does not wait for me to ask for help. He does not wait for me to be in a serious danger. He loves me more than I know that whenever I suddenly become my stubborn self, He lovingly teaches me the lessons of life and shows me the beauty of His unfailing love.

Now, I got back all my wheelbarrows. And huge blessings are in each one them. Thank You, Abba.

“Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God;
                May Your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” Psalm 143:10