Friday, September 7, 2012

Winning A Seat

Computer at home is still broken. I promise to write next week maybe. But for now, let me share something from my sister Nikka Lynn and her road adventure. Enjoy!

I was on my way home and having a hard time getting a bus. We were around 300 at the loading station along Ayala Avenue near Makati Ave. Maybe it was because of the rain. People were getting paranoid upon seeing the rain approaching.

More people, less vehicle. The usual scenario in Makati and Pasay during rainy or stormy days [along Gil Puyat]

Seeing how huge the crowd was, I told myself, “Hunger Games. Let’s get it on!” (Mind you, I was on my heels and carrying a McDo meal.)

Fighting like Katniss, I got a bus! Just what I requested, I won a seat that was near the window, far from being hurt by the people rushing inside the bus. Believe it or not, I was the first one to get in the bus! Wearing a troll face, I looked outside the window and saw other people trying their all might to get in the bus.

How did I make it against people who were bigger and stronger than me? If you know me in person, you understand what I mean. I am petite and slim.
These were my "Katniss moves":

Enjoy waiting before attacking

I saw that most of my fellow "tributes" were frowning and ranting. Others kept on blaming the sky, the traffic officers, and even their fellow commuters. Knowing that ranting won’t help, I just enjoyed waiting for the bus. Under light rain shower, I ate my McDo fries, while maintaining proper posture. LOLZ.

Let go of the chances

Two buses arrived and I failed to get in. The first one was a big chance. I was almost there, but people were terribly rushing to get inside the bus. Many were able to get in while I was still “attacking.” Afraid of worse thing to happen, I drew out of the crowd and let go of that bus. “I might get in, but for sure, there will be no seat for me,” I told myself. Another bus came, but it did not stop near me. People ran towards that bus. I just let it go. “Obviously, that’s not for me,” I told myself.

Go against the flow

Because I felt the rain was getting heavy, I decided to take the next bus no matter how hard it would be. Then that bus came. I saw a big opportunity to win it. People ran toward it. I waited for it to come nearer. People were glued on the bus. They moved parallel to the bus, whereas I went against the flow. I met the bus. I ensured that I did not just go against the flow, but be able to get nearer the bus door. Good Lord, I positioned myself in front of the bus door. The moment it opened, I was the first one to get in!

Have faith

The first three Katniss moves were useless without this last point. I asked not only for a bus, but for a perfect seat as well. I worked, knowing (not just believing) that there’s a seat for me. I asked for it and surely I can get it. I kept the faith and won.

This experience is not only applicable in winning a bus or a seat. This can be applied in any area of my life. Sometimes, I only need to enjoy waiting, let go, and go against the flow to get what I want. Above all, I should always have faith.

Yes, it is hard to keep faith. The good news is my faithfulness might be fragile, yet God’s faithfulness for me will never change. I ask for anything and whether I believe it or not, I will receive it. My performance will not be motivated by my self-confidence but by God’s faithfulness to me.
Enjoy every journey!

By Guest Writer Nikka Lynn