Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It’s Positive!

A couple of weeks ago, Mama teasingly broke the news to me that my young aunt in San Pedro is conceiving their second baby. Their first baby is just one year and few months old. 

As if that was not enough good news, I also learned that one of my cousins is also on their second baby. Also, in the house, we have two babies. Every time I had either Ezra or Ethan on my arms as we strolled around in front house, people asked the same questions. “Is that your baby?” “When are you going to have your baby?” At first, I just smiled the questions away. However, I would be very dishonest to myself if I would deny of being offended by their questions.

And let me add to this that three of my eightmile-friends just had their babies all within the past four months! Imagine us, Gracia and I, going there to congratulate them and wish their babies good health and very promising future, some would still find a way to crash the high spirits down deep in my heart when they started asking, “When are you going to have yours?” You know that feeling when people around you, whether it’s done in purpose or not, are pushing you to have a baby. It is as if you could go to the mall and buy your baby from there. And I am not really thinking that next month, Gracia and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Okay, I’m telling you that I can spell ‘pressured’ in two letters, M-E.

It’s not that Gracia and I do not want to have a baby. Of course, we do want to have babies! But we thought God would give our babies in His perfect timing. However, Gracia and I decided to take it a little bit more seriously two months ago.

Since two weeks ago, Gracia was a little different. She kept complaining of some discomforts. I also noticed that some of her body parts were changing. One more thing I noticed was that I felt I wanted her more than before. Don’t get me wrong. I love her but something in me was climbing to the next level. Okay, that was a bit cheesy to say, I know that. But that was how I felt.

I was more attracted to her. I felt I always wanted to be next to her more often than usual. I easily got jealous of some trivial stuff. In other words, something strange was happening to the both of us. I was even teasing Gracia that she might be pregnant that her body was releasing a stronger love scent, making me more attracted to her, laughs!

So last Sunday, after the Sunday service at church, we bought pregnancy test kit. I was so tired when we got home and I didn’t realize that Gracia went straight to the comfort room and did the test there all by herself. By the way, that was not the first time she had that test. The moment she got out of the room, she was all smiles and nervous at the same time. Then she finally broke the news to all of us who were present in the dining room that time that it was positive! I was kind of jealous for not being able to seize the moment all to ourselves. (See my Christian heart here? Laughs! Sorry, Abba. ) But of course, I was happy that everyone was happy for us! Unsolicited advice started to flood in our conversations, laughs!

It took us a couple more days to really believe the great news. We even bought another pregnancy test kit just to be sure and it gave the same result. And today, good thing it’s holiday, we had our first happy trip to the Community Hospital. There the doctor confirmed that Gracia is five-week-and-two-days pregnant! Two weeks from now Gracia would have an ultrasound.

I am not really sure that we both reach that stage where this has finally sunk in. Even before our wedding last year, we were thinking of names for our babies. I thought we had settled that already. It’s so funny that we still have cute agreements on baby names. Well, we agreed that if we got twin daughters, we will name them Graciella Dan and Cielo Nikola. The second names are to honor our fathers. If we got a boy, we will name him Zephaniah Markus. Funny, we can’t help it but be very excited. And one thing we are very sure, we are very thankful to God for blessing us our babies. Thank You, Abba. Thank You that it’s positive.