Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lost Sheep

Out on the farm I met the farmer walking down the lane carrying a half-grown sheep. He greeted me, “Have to look after the stray.” 
I asked, “How do they get lost with a fence around them?” 
“They just nibble themselves lost,” he answered. “They just keep their heads down and just wander from one green patch to another. Sometimes they come down to a hole in the fence, but they never find the hole to get back again.” 
This parable repeats itself in our lives. We eat ourselves lost; we work ourselves lost. We don’t look up. We wander from one wish or mirage to another. We get our heads in the pits, we can’t see the way back again. Thank God for the Good Shepherd who always comes to seek and save the lost. 
—Eugene E. Schmidt

How many of us Christians always get preoccupied by the world? My family suffered a great financial and health issues last year. There were many times it did not make sense to me. But God was there every step of the way and the worst part was over. He had put my family back together as He promised. Personally, the experience was like the Red Sea getting split in front of me. A true-to-life miracle we had experienced together. That should have increased my faith.

Ironic it must be, just last week I encountered my major turndown from a very promising client. The attack was somehow personal. It upset me so much. See how brittle my faith was? I was like those Israelites after crossing the Red Sea on feet, they still failed to trust wholeheartedly the God who saved them. And God was so great to them that He never left them but even provided to them.

Isn’t it greatly comforting to know that God never stops pouring out His grace upon us? That every time we get lost, He lovingly searches for us and takes us back home—in His arms.