Saturday, March 3, 2012

Solo Trip to Cemetery

I just had a fun-trip in our local cemetery here in San Pablo City. At first, I didn't know what would I find in there. But to my surprise, there were so many amazing things in there. There were funny, witty, creepy, and drama I found in our local cemetery. Let me share the photos from that trip.

When I saw this headstone, I was amazed and sad at the same time to notice that these three people here had only lived a year. And they were siblings, I bet.

Everywhere I go and look up above, the sky always relaxes me. It's blue color and the serenity it holds always put me in such awe that I can't find the right words to praise God of His wonders...even if you're watching the sailing clouds next to a tombstone.

Flowers grow beautifully in the cemetery. Even the stray ones.

This statue looks really creepy but I like it. It has a character I can't explain. Weird, eh?

I never thought that this picture of a cross above an old grave could be creepily beautiful after a few edits.

The first time I saw this grave garden, I thought I was not in cemetery but in a park.

This one is awesome. From a distance, it already looks amazing. I had a hard time finding the way to get near to it. Some pictures below would show you a closer look. Hope you like them, too!

I enjoyed so much this message on this headstone. This man must be a great person when he was still alive.

Didn't know that dried leaves in the cemetery could be this beautiful.

This one is so creepy but I couldn't just pass by without taking a snap on my camera.

A blue angel. Strange but beautiful.

This huge spider seems to find its home best in the middle part of the cemetery.

Love that green.

Yes, flowers still grow beautifully in the cemetery.

I love so much these two pictures of a thin cross above against the bright blue sky.

Looks like a lonely and forgotten angel.

I love the two hands holding around the cross. And don't miss the clouds! I so love it that I could not help but take at least three pictures of it.

Remember the great landmark I mentioned above? These are the closer look. When I got there, I was totally amazed and hurt my neck by looking up to it.

These two versions of this poetic angel, the comic and the original, is part of that great landmark.

Another view of that great landmark.

Still part of the great landmark. It actually had an old restroom and a kitchen.

Yes, you got it. This is still part of that great landmark.

Cute gate. No, it's no longer part of that great landmark.

Love this snobbish angel.

Praying mother.

Praying angel.

Red flowers.

Yeah, the tree. That creepy tree.

Love the color.

Gracia calls it the Crying House. This is where the final wake is usually being held.

Can't they do better than this? This is so funny.

Yeah, that's me.

This reminds of Rapture.

The rainbow.

Looks like a judging angel?

Love this muddy angel.

Walk in the park?

This had touched me so deeply.

Love this crying angel.

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