Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Poetry

Stained Glass
Want a peek into the future
See if fame is captured in my hands, hear?
Feeling sick, there is no cure
Can’t see, I can’t see, when would it get any clearer?

Bum Life
Now I have time to slouch and send text messages
I can sleep anytime, anywhere I’m pleased
Watch TV until there is no more to see
Oh how I miss this, felt like been dead in ages!

Bride of the Earth
Soil. Trees. Birds. Dreams.
I grew up with them.
Been watching seasons, come and go
But my life just started in ‘I do’.

Bride of the Sky
Been in the air for quite so long
Counting raindrops, chasing after rainbows
Thought that was all about my song
Until you came along, what else there’s to know?

One word. Two words. Until they’re three.
Still not satisfied, I decided to flee
Delete them from one to three
Empty space, where then would I be?

Moon Lady
Been watching you in your sleep
Been wondering what’s in your dreams
When you wake up, would you look for me?
Or would you turn around for another sleep?

Red Flame
It hurts. Do you know what that means?
It’s over. Have we even started yet?
Let go. Have you ever been mine ever since?
Move on. Where would I go when you’re the only place I know, get?