Wednesday, November 9, 2011

12 Things about My Wife (I Just Learned After Our Marriage)

12 Things about My Wife (I Just Learned After Our Marriage)

by Fernand Yim (Notes) on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 1:17pm
The first real conversation Gracia and I had was during the first week in college in 2002. Since everyone was so young back then, I think majority of us were seventeen (I even heard that some were only sixteen.), I asked her when she would celebrate her debut. I know that was so lame a pick-up line, laughs! And instead of answering my question, Gracia laughed so lovely right before me and told me that she already did that year. That means she was already 18. Then she said with that beautiful smile on her face, “I like you na.”

That moment a playful reverie sparked in my head. I don’t know why but that moment she laughed at my question, I saw her as my future bride. I shook the idea away because that time I didn’t believe that I would get married at all because I feared commitment that time.

Days ran so fast into months and months into years. Before we got married this year, I found out that she also had that same reverie in that moment. That was kind of amazing to us.

I thought I knew everything about Gracia until we got married and discovered so many unbelievable things about her, laughs! See my short list below.

1. She farts gracefully.

One example was this. I was listening to my music phone and she was reading before our bed table when she would suddenly get my attention and say, “I’ll fart, okay?” And before I could say something, she farted already! We would just laugh at it.

2. She is always right.

Most of the time, we argue on many little things. And never was there a time that I won. I would always end up holding my hands up in the air saying, “Okay. I know that you are always right, right?”

3. She speaks alien words.

Since she grew up in San Pablo City, she always speaks of deep Tagalog words. Many times I struggle understanding her sentences. We always have a dictionary break, laughs! She also has a different way of saying things. She replaces words like buksan (to open) with bukasi. And guess what does the word atikha mean? Laughs!

4. She always commands.

Just as how lazy I am as she is in getting things from our room upstairs, she ends up saying, “Mahal, favor please? Can you get me…”

5. She is OA when it comes to health.

I always complain about my headaches and sometimes my temperature rises up to the fever line. She would begin acting like an inquiring physician to me asking me so many questions. She always feels like taking me to the hospital which I understand.

6. She sets her alarm clock at 05:30am and she wakes up at 06:00am.

We always put the blame on the morning gravity.

7. She is so aggressive.

Before we go to sleep, she always wants me to drink a glassful of water which even if I could not usually finish one, I always end up doing so as what she says. When it’s my turn to ask her to finish a glass of water and she did not do that, I ask her again to finish it and she would say, “Sampalin kita.” Then we would both laugh.

8. She fidgets her feet to sleep.

That’s it. When she could not sleep and the bed is shaking? That’s it.

9. She is extra OC.

I can’t explain this one. Just this, if you know someone who is Obsessive Compulsive, just put extra there and that’s her! Laughs! Okay, one example I could think of this instant is when I got from work or from the computer shop and I would initiate to hug her, she would push me away and ask me to change my clothes and wash my arms and face so to remove all possible bacteria and germs all over me. (Roll my eyes on that, laughs!)

10. She knows almost all about Government transactions.

This is what I am so proud of her. If I have questions about my benefits as an employee and anything when it comes to government papers, she is such a huge help. And she is a good researcher. One time my sister Christina in Bulacan had a question which I didn’t know the answer right away, I just refer her to Gracia, laughs!

11. She does not like peanut butter.

We have so many differences but one thing which is too hard for me to understand is that she does not like peanut butter! She prefers strawberry jam over coco jam! Err, unbelievable.

12. She always forgets something.

Each time before we leave the house to go on dates and the likes, she always goes about in our room checking that we have everything she thinks important. And she is like a busy bee buzzing and circling about in our room and when we finally got a ride or when we finally hit the place where we are supposed to go, she will remember something she forgets! Err, women.

And of course, each day being together as husband and wife, I have no hint of doubt in her love for me. And I just feel the same way for her. Thank You, Father God.