Sunday, September 16, 2007

Waiting for the Wind to Change

Moving On.
Here I am
Standing still
Waiting for the wind to change
As if like a dream
I'm losing my will
To this wait that seems forever.

Here I am
Empty and still
Hoping for the wind to change
Holding back a scream
So much time to kill
So much hope to lose
Asking in silence, how long is forever?

And so here I am
Almost dead and still
Praying for the wind to change
So I can live my dream
Though it's so obvious to fake,
To believe my dreams are real
I'm growing frail and withering
Then, what am I waiting here for?

Yes, here I am
Damned and still
Begging for the wind to change
So I can start and dream
Yesterday I was here waiting
Last year I was here waiting
Years ago I was here waiting
For the wind to change
And like a slap on my face
I woke up, feeling like it had been forever.

You know here I am
Far and still
Struggling for the wind to change
Many times before I tried fooling Time
With grains of hope I'd win
Felt like I'd been running in circles
I ended up standing here and still
In silence of the depths of my soul
So numb to feel anything at all
That is, if ever happiness would find me
I'm afraid I would never even know.

Again, here I am
Small and still
Crying for the wind to change
Is forever coiled in circle?
If that so, my wait has no end!
Never thought I could still cry
When rivers of tears surrendered to fall
Showing the world that I'm not really strong, not brave at all
Feeling defeated but still, here I am...
Waiting for the wind to change.